Are you a single mom looking for a way to earn a living? Or even a married mom who wants some extra money? If you are, then we just might be able to help you with finding the right job. Although there might be hundreds and thousands of job vacancies in your area, we know how hard it is for you to leave your kids and housework behind to attend a job outside of the home. So we have some tips to help you decide if an online job is right for you.

We’ve already talked about some legit work from home jobs already.

These jobs given here below are ONLINE jobs only and, we feel, the more legit ones that actually pay something decent.

Why choose an online job?

The words online jobs has taken the nation by storm (or at least the online ads you always see splashed around) as most of these are a source of easy money to be made in the comfort of one’s home and mind you- there are no extraordinary skills required to do so. Online jobs are an easy way for mothers to earn a living while keeping an eye on their kids.

However, depending on the type of job, it’s not necessary easy to make a living online. Else, everyone would be doing it right?

Here are some of the more well known (and popular) methods people employ to earn a living online, working for themselves or someone who pays them to do that job.

These are some of the best online jobs that can easily earn you a fair share of money for your family’s needs while giving you time to spend more time with your loved ones at home. The convenience and quick methods of earning money attract more home moms to these online jobs. Doing online jobs will not only make you independent but also increase your knowledge in many fields you come across while working.

Also, don’t fall prey to the work form home online job scams you see. There are some online jobs that are either outright scams or pay so low they might as well be. Read our article on the worst online jobs.

These are our best online jobs that actually pay you something decent.


Freelancing is one of the best options found online to earn money from home. All you need to do here is to register with a site that offers freelancing jobs like Freelancer, upWork or Elance  and emphasize on your skills like writing, website designing, website development, etc. There are thousands of employers waiting to hire you and pay well too. Just make sure you do the jobs that suits you well and the best part is you can work on the basis of your preference.

Keep in mind many of these freelance jobs are jobs like Article Writing, programming, web design and other such skills. If you can write decently (or are willing to learn), you may be able to make a part or full time income online as a freelancer.

This is one of the most stable and easiest online jobs to do — both for beginners to this and experienced alike. However, while you can generally set your own time to work each day, you still need to put in the time writing to get your writing jobs done.

Website/Software testing

If you are interested in related technical work, this is an interesting job where you only need to register with a website who hires online testers to make sure that their website/software is intuitive and easy to navigate. It’s a simple job with medium pay that doesn’t require any  too much technical expertise. So, if you love working online and are somewhat technical (i.e. you know how to work with computers or software) then this is one of the best jobs to earn at home.

Online Nurse

You can be a nurse online? We bet you didn’t know this.

Being an online nurse is also a great job to be taken by anyone with the right qualifications. A person with a nursing degree is an apt candidate for such jobs. So if you have been a professional nurse who now has no way of continuing your job due to home matters, then you can provide your services online and earn good money just by sitting at home.

Keep in mind though, you actually do have to be a qualified nurse from a qualified school. Don’t think you can work as an online nurse without the schooling. You can’t.

Search Engine Evaluator

This is an interesting job that can be done at home. Search engine giants like Google, Yahoo, etc. always want their users to get the most accurate results for their search, but sometimes errors do happen. So they hire individuals to make sure that each search turns out to be precise and accurate. This option can help you earn $5-$15/hour at home.

Note that this job is typically aimed at people from places like India where the pay tends to be lower. So you may not exactly earn what you would back in North America. But it’s worth taking a look to see as there are some positions that may pay decently.

There will be some training involved at the beginning of course, but it’s an option to consider.

Customer Support Executives

If you are good at talking with people and answering questions accurately, this is the job for you. All you need to do is to answer questions, take in complaints and provide help by phone or online chat. This job only needs a computer, an internet connection, and a landline phone. There are many giant companies that hire you for providing such services from home.

Again, these jobs are usually aimed at people living in the places like India and the Philippians where English is well spoken and wages are much lower. However, if you are a North American, there may be some executive positions you could work. It’s worth looking into.

Virtual Assistant

You work for an employer doing task they assign you. The pay range can be low to decent, depending on who you work for and what tasks you do and how much you work. Think of yourself as the girl who does the dirty work your employer does not want to spend the time doing. This could be answering their emails for them, setting up wordpress blogs, editing blog posts, posing articles, or doing data entry jobs.

Data Entry

This is another online job that can pay you something decent, if you put in the work. It’s boring and tedious though. You basically enter data into forms. All day, every day.

And that’s your job. The data changes as does what you enter that data into. How that data gets entered is you manually putting it there. Again, this is one of those jobs you earn as much as you are willing to work. The pay scale is generally pretty low though as data entry market is saturated by people from countries like India where wages are lower (and they are able to work for much less than you might charge if you live in North America or Europe).

Online Tutors

Are you good at teaching and do you have a qualified skill? If you are are do, you can be an online tutor also known as a virtual tutor. You can continue your passion to teach through your home computer. Some websites to which you can register may require your educational qualifications and their proof be submitted. But since different subject areas may require different qualifications, search online to see whether you possess the necessary certification to pursue your dream online job. Tutoring is a job that pays you higher than most.


My personal favorite and arguably the most lucrative as it opens many different work from home options. Keep in mind that most general ‘bloggers’ don’t make anything or at most peanutss.

Why is blogging a means to make money and potentially a lucrative one? Because if you build up a website that gets steady traffic, you can make PASSIVE INCOME. That is, you can earn income while you are NOT actually working. This is the best sort of income.

But don’t think it’s easy. It’s not.

Becoming a blogger is great if you love writing, then this is one of the best online tasks that can help you earn at home. Although it takes some time to earn well there are many methods you can follow to earn money from your blog that doesn’t just include writing. Different ways of earning money from a blog were discussed above such as advertisements and affiliate marketing. You can start your own blog using a WordPress website, or

As a blogger there are different ways to make money.

Internet Marketer

This is similar to blogger, but not quite the same. The main difference is a blogger usually blogs about a topic they are interested in – work, home, life, or nothing at all. But bloggers usually focus on writing about topics they love and often start out doing so as a hobby (for free) for a long while before they build an  audience and realize they can make money. At this point the ‘blogger’ then becomes an Internet Marketer.

An internet marketer is basically what the name states it is: someone who uses the internet to market something to readers. Internet marketers need two things 1) readers/traffic and 2) a product to market. Combine the two and money can be made.

Internet Marketing vs Blogging.

The difference between a blogger and an IM’er (Internet Markter) is that Internet Marketers START from ground up with the intention of monetizing a website or service. They are there to make money right away (even if it takes a long while). A blogger doesn’t start of like this and may or may not ever intend to make money.


Now as an Internet Marketer there are many ways to make money online. Here are the main ones.

1) Make Money with Google AdSense

An established passive income method if you own a website or a blog. The process is to display targeted ads on your website, to earn you money when the visitors to your site click on those advertisements. So if you have a blog and the number of visitor rates is high then just apply for Google AdSense and place the correct ads to earn well.

2) Make Money with Ecommerce

If you have traffic and a website that’s in a niche (or market segment) that’s commercial where you can sell something to your readers, setting up an eCommerce store may be something to consider.

3) Affiliate Marketing

Here, if you are a good seller and know how to make people buy products, then this is the best online job for you. You CAN earn pretty well, just by sitting at home. The only thing that has to be done is to do an online promotion of the products of an advertiser to influence someone to make a purchase. This can be done through your websites, blogs or even YouTube channels and is guaranteed to earn you a fair amount of money.

The idea with affiliate marketing is to take someone else’s product or service and sell it to your readers with you taking a cut in the  process. You are thus the ‘affiliate’ (hence the name ‘affiliate marketing’). The advantages to Affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to create the product or deliver it, you simply forward your visitors to the affiliate’s website/product/service and if they buy it, you get a cut. It can be a lucrative passive revenue stream if you have the right type of website.

Some examples may be a website about credit cards, a travel blog, etc. These are all market segments where people spend money on services or products — and if you forward people to those services and they buy, you make money too.

I want to be clear here though. In no way is affiliate marketing easy. There is an entire new skill set you will need to learn and you will need to have traffic to market too. That pretty much means you need to create a website first and get traffic to that site, either through SEO, social traffic, or paid advertising.

4) Product Creation

This is what it says. You create a product or service — usually digital like an ebook, software, or something you can deliver digitally — and sell it to readers. Of all the revenue streams, this is often the most lucrative and is a passive income stream. It’s not uncommon to see people make five or even six figures a month who sell successful products to readers coming to their blog.

Sounds complex? Yes and no. Many successful affiliate marketers started as mom and pop operations with just a single blog about a topic they love — someone just like you creating a hobby blog. Over time, they gained an audience and learned the ropes and eventually realized they can make money with their websites.

The difference is you start out right away with the intention of making money and you plan this from the get go!