My experience with Employmoms has been simple seamless and so professionally rewarding. I'm currently working at a position that is perfectly matched with my area of expertise and hours of availability. As a mom of two, I have a busy schedule, Employmoms has allowed me to spend quality time with my kids and fulfill my professional needs.

—Katie Roach, Candidate

Devin Burdack and the team at Employmoms has been extremely responsive to our recruitment needs. Over the past three months, we have successfully hired three temporary Associates to provide support in the areas of finance and human resources. The knowledge, skills and competency levels of the candidates we have interviewed and hired are impressive. With the ability to support flexible work arrangements and temporary assignments, Hypertherm has greatly benefited by tapping into the seasoned and capable talent pool accessed through their organization. We are looking forward to growing our recruitment partnership with Employmoms as a result.

—Melissa Carlson Director, Human Resources Hypertherm

Employmoms lives up to its name. Jane as a working mom understands the special strengths and challenges of working mothers. Matching my requirements with those of potential employers simplified the job seeking process. The personal yet professional way in which my interviews, and subsequent employment, were organized really eased the pressure of rejoining the workforce. Employmoms worked for me!!

—Suzanne, Candidate

My experience with Devin Burdack and Employmoms has been wonderful. Jane has been the ultimate professional negotiating, counseling, and advocating throughout the entire process. She provided me with a variety of opportunities which allowed me to find the position that would be the best fit for me and my family. I gained both personal and professional confidence and rediscovered my strengths as a mother. I enjoyed working with Employmoms and look forward to the chance to work with Jane again.

—Mariruth, Candidate

Working with Employmoms was efficient, effective and encouraging. Devin Burdack is a visionary who is able to match an organization's needs with the talents of her clients. Jane took the time to meet with me to learn about our small non-profit and to consider what kinds of people would work well with us; she facilitated the interview process and was flexible with how we created our final structure. Working with Employmoms was encouraging because it helped us realize that finding talented people to support our work can be a fun and engaging process.

Thank you Employmoms!

—Lyn Miller Director of Secondary Program Upper Valley Teacher Institute

Returning to work after five years off, I wondered how I would uncover opportunities flexible enough to accommodate my family and interesting enough to challenge me. Employmoms helped me connect with the right employers to find a great match. Working with Jane is wonderful. She's professional, interested, and serious about the work she does, knowing how important it is to both employers and candidates. Employmoms is filling a huge need in the Upper Valley.

—Kristin, Candidate