If you want to start a career as a mom, it can be challenging to say the least. Let’s take a look at how you can get started.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Job

It’s a big step to get a job, especially if you are newly single or have never had a career before and suddenly end up with the responsibility of a child. Before you actually look at getting a specific job, there are a few things you need to think about first.

How are you providing for your child?

When it comes to raising a child alone, being a single mother is quite a challenging task. It is on your shoulders that lie the responsibility in looking after your child and raising whilst providing the necessary nourishment and resources. This is not an easy task, as the financial aspect always takes a toll by adding up the various costs from basic needs like food and shelter to education and medical expenditure.

The good thing is you that do not have to keep on searching a way on how to find a source of income to help raise your child. This article provides information on how you can build up a career and become an independent single mother leaving your child’s future in secure hands. There are so many options that you can choose from, even though sometimes it may be somewhat hard to imagine to be free and improve in your work while balancing your daily work and childcare. I guarantee that by the time you finish up reading this article, most of your questions will be answered and there will be several solutions available which you can consider to choose from.

Is your child getting adequate support?

The early stages of the childhood is important to shape up a child’s future. As a parent, you will try to provide everything your child needs as long as you can afford it. You will have to go through picking on what is best for your child and plan out a future for the child. With the globalization and competitive market world, financial stability has become a vital factor in making sure that these requirements are met. UNICEF in the Convention on the Rights of the Child has stated that rights of the children are getting widely and rapidly ratified as an international human rights treaty than any other human rights treaty. Therefore it is important to give the adequate support to your child through provision of food, shelter, clothes and other basic needs as well as education and everything that is necessary for the child to develop his/her physical, mental and emotional attributes to higher levels.

It is good to read through the entitled rights of your child to support better and to make sure he/she is receiving the adequate nourishment and care in line with the child rights. A strong financial platform will be an advantage to support in a good level. To ensure that as a mom you need to start making savings and having a stable job is the way to do it. Let us have a look along this article, at the available options that you have in achieving financial stability as a single mother.

Long Term Job Plans

You know the saying: fail to plan and you plain to fail? Well this applies to your career strategy. You need to have some long term strategies that guide your decisions.

Why you should set up a goal?

This is not only a final objective that you should set up for you to get on to a supportive level for you and your child. It is about setting up goals along the way to keep track of the improvements and to assess on whether this is the right track for you. It should be noted that it is not an easy task sometimes taking hold of the responsibility and stepping forward to fix all the problems. At times it is necessary to take small steps and reach for your goals. As any mother would have you would want your child to reach to a higher position in the society, have fun and live the life that your child deserves.

It is every mother’s dream to see their child grow and it will help you be stronger. So to cover up the costs you will need a good job that pays you well. And stopping there will not be enough as you will need to save for the future as well. To do that you need to have an understanding on how to plan out the income earnings and do something like open a savings account for your child for future. In the DepositAccounts.com site you will find a list of nationwide banks for Children’s Savings Accounts having details about interest percentage yields. So for that, first you need to find a good source of stable income which we will discuss now.

How to earn enough money?

Even though sometimes you may feel as if that there is no job that you could do properly while taking care of your child, then you should know that it is just a mere myth. In fact there are many jobs and work that you can set as a source of income. All you have to do is pick a path that suits you. There are millions of single mothers that have come to a satisfactory level of financial stage enabling them to serve their children well. Here are some suggestions on what paths that are available for you;

  • Start working on a facility with flexible hours and day care services
  • Make your own income source by getting a work from home job
  • Take a course or degree on a field that can help you get a job that suits your lifestyle
  • Be self-employed and start your own workplace

You can take a deep look into each one and make a choice of your own that you think is good for you. Next we will have a thorough look at the available jobs. The regional location, your skills and available time will be key factors when deciding your income.

Picking a job that suits a single mother

Here are a few key things to consider when looking at starting a job as a mom that’s single.

Working in a place with flexible hours or day care services

This is the point where you select on whether to be self-employed or work in a place that doesn’t put pressure. The reason is if it is a job that requires your presence at uneven times, then you will have to prioritize the work over your child’s needs. This would lead to instability and stressful situations. Therefore it is important that you consider all these factors before applying for a job or before starting your own. The flexible hour work should be at most taken into consideration is when your child is at a stage of nursery or schooling. You might have to pick him up, go to your child’s events and be present at times for other occasions. So, if there is no one else it is better to work under flexible hours. The exception to this is if the company provides a day care service. You can refer the work hours for flexible schedules online in the government Department of Labor official website. It is best if you can come to a working agreement with the employer beforehand to make sure that you are in line with corporate rules and regulations.

Getting a ‘work from home’ job

There are many websites that allow you to query through millions of jobs posted daily that you can start working on. You can find a good reliable employer and start working on a field you are familiar with. There are various types of jobs in online sites which you can do freely from home as long as you get the job and meet the deadlines. In the Entrepreneur website you can find a list of Work from Home sites that you can check to find work. Some of the leading sites are;

  • Upwork
  • Toptal
  • Elance
  • Freelancer
  • Craigslist

I recommend on having a look at least on some of these sites and checking whether there are work you are familiar with. If so, you can start immediately to apply for it after creating an account. You should go through the guidelines and FAQ of such sites to ensure it is legal and safe. Also it helps to get familiar with the site.

Take a course or degree on a field that can help you get a job

You can work on online courses or do a course or degree at a nearby university. This is kind of an investment for the future job you will take. If you have some money saved up it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in improving your knowledge and skills so that you will be able to work for high salaries for a high end company. This practice would be best suited for a single mother that has time at her hand. Knowledge is power, use it wisely and you will succeed. You can have a look at the available degree programs and choose one of your liking if you are interested.

Be self-employed or start a small business

The other option is to be self-employed or to start a small scale business that you can handle while taking care of your child. You can start a beauty parlor, a saloon, a tailor shop or any other shop of your liking depending on the skill set you have with you. This would give a good financial income and will have the comfort of doing it from a place of your own. The Small Business Administration site have a large set of home business ideas that could give you an opening to plan out your own business. This would be a good investment if you are into it.

Making a choice

What path should you take as a single mother? It is up to you! You can decide your own pathway and we can give ideas from time to time to help you out. You are not alone in this competitive world, and you have the capability of achieving the greater good. In summary, you should start working on a suitable job to your liking to achieve financial stability while making an investment for both you and your child and take care of your child giving the happiness he/she deserves. There is always a way if you seek for it. Walk on the path you like and if you do not see one, create your own.