A mother is rightly called the anchor of the family. Every family member especially kids look up to her for support. In the course of fulfilling the needs of her family, she hardly gets time for herself. Her independent growth is stalled. However, several moms out there have become financially independent by being a member on Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

It is the online marketplace, where selling and buying of services/products take places. While businesses love Fiverr because it offers cheap rates, freelancers love it because it gives them an opportunity to showcase their skills and acquire projects based on them. Most of the projects on Fiverr are small scale, which is perfect for moms, who are new to freelancing. Small projects, of course, will need less time, and you will be able to complete them without neglecting your existing responsibilities at home. Moreover, after seeing your work, if your client likes it, he would contact you for the next project as well. It is how many moms have started earning well through Fiverr.

The website was founded in 2010 by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman. What makes Fiverr different from other online portals is its concept. Instead of having a freelancer look for a project by going through hundreds of jobs, she can now post an advertisement of what she can do and have people look at her.

So what kind of services can you offer on Fiverr?

The simple answer is – all kinds of services. Of course, freelancers are forbidden to post advertisements that involve services related to pornography, violence, illegal selling, or are copies of advertisements posted by other Fiverr members. With strong moral foundations, the website is a friendly and safe place for you to advertise your skills.

Below mentioned are some of the most popular services, which are offered on Fiverr:

1 Writing services

In this category, writers, proofreaders, and editors offer their services. The number of services is numerous starting from web content writing, which includes writing product descriptions, website content, blog content, etc. to writing press releases, resumes, audio transcription and so on.

2 Programming and designing

Programmers, app developers, web developers post their ads here. As for the designing, individuals offer to do designing of company logos, advertisement banners, e-book covers, brochures for products and services, etc. There are also many, who are into animation, and they offer to design mascots for events, conversion of photographs into cartoons, etc.

3 Creating things

Under the Gift category, people with the knack for creating jewelry pieces, plush toys, ceramic cups/mugs, customized greeting cards, and birthday gifts, post ads. The category is huge and full of variety. Some of the gifts involve the use of technology. People offer to make customized videos, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles that would deliver a special message to the recipient.

4 Voice over talent

In this section, sellers advertise their voice talent through which they can make different types of videos, give voice to email messages, create voice messages and automated messages for companies, etc. People, who are trained singers and willing to teach others, also post their advertisements here.

5 Expert tips, tutoring, etc.

The scope of this category is wide and includes almost everything in which you could be an expert. People, who have the experience of gardening, cooking, parenting, raising kids, can create expert advice content/videos. Tarot card readers, palm readers, horoscope makers post their advertisements under this category. There are also freelance tutors, who teach foreign languages like Spanish, German, and French or help clear concepts in subjects like algebra, chemistry, physics, etc.

How do you start your journey on Fiverr?

Surely, by now you have realized how Fiverr can open new doors of legit income for you. However, there is a tough decision to make – you need to decide on the service that you are going to offer. Well, you need to ask yourself what you can do and what you like to do. It is important to choose something that you enjoy doing, as it will keep you motivated, drive you to finish the task on time, and help you make money. You can start using Fiverr by going here.

1 Decide how much time and money you can spend on your assignments

You need to think practically on this. Create a time schedule and see how many hours you can devote to a task. Also, take into account the resources that you are going to use. Since you will be the one buying them, you need to have ready funds for that. Do you need to purchase new software for logo designing? Do you need to buy beads, gold wire, etc. for making jewelry? Calculate your expenses before taking up any project.

2 You need to make your service look unique

Since Fiverr is a large marketplace, it is possible that what you decide to offer is already being offered by another member. In short, you will face competition and thus, you should think of making your offer different from the existing ones. Start by going through the advertisements and check what they are offering. Find ads by using the Fiverr search engine. Type in keywords of the service and you will get a list of offers. If there are not many advertisements, then it will be easier for you to attract buyers. If not, then you may be required to offer something unique to stand out.

How can you register and sell on Fiverr?

Fiverr is free for everyone. It is easy to register oneself. Apart from registering here, you need to have a PayPal account too, as you will receive your payments here. You can open one at the same time as you register on Fiverr. Do not worry; PayPal is free too. Read on to learn the various steps for starting get on with selling on Fiverr.

1 Create your gig

Here comes the most crucial step – creation of gig. It is the advertisement of what you offer. You need to make it attractive because this is what your would-be clients on Fiverr will see. Choose a concise but powerful title for your gig and then write in detail what you will be doing for the client. Make use of words, which people are most likely to use while looking for the service that you offer. For instance, if you offer to make jewelry, you could use terms like attractive jewelry, contemporary jewelry, wedding jewelry, etc. People looking for jewelry makers are most likely to use the terms mentioned above. Moreover, make sure your gig talks in specific about what you do. If you are a jewelry maker, define what kind of jewelry making you do.

2 Publicize your gig

Once your gig is ready, you need to make it attractive so that people click on it. Post pictures of your finished products and services. Mostly for services like content writing, voice over talent, it is hard to come up with a picture. In such a case, you could post your photo. It will let your client know that he is dealing with a real human being.

3 Choose an appropriate day for going live

You would not want to miss responses that your gig may get on the first day. That is why you should choose a calm day for going live on Fiverr. It is true that you will not get thousands of orders, but you may get a little too many if you offer a service, which currently has a huge demand. By starting your Fiverr journey on a relaxed day, you will be able to adjust yourself to the new status of ‘freelancer’.

How much can you earn through Fiverr?

Fiverr is a portal through which you can turn yourself into a brand and have clients come back to you repeatedly. However, for it to be successful, you will be required to work hard, improve your quality of work, and deliver on time. For every gig, you stand to earn $4. Hence, the more gigs you have, the better are your chances of earning more.

A simple way of adding more income to an existing gig is by offering additional services. For instance, for a gift maker, an additional service could be same day delivery. For it, she could ask for $2, so from a single gig she could earn $6.

Singlemoms.org wrote an article about how to make money on fiverr that gives a specific strategy on this.

You can also earn more by climbing selling levels

Fiverr encourages sellers to sell quality products/services and earn more. Currently, by offering your services/products for 30 days and selling ten products or delivering ten orders, you can move on to level 1. Here, you can charge more from your clients. You can reach level 2 after selling 50 products in a span of 2 months. As a level 2 seller, you can offer to sell bulk products and demand fees for extra services like a fast turnaround, same evening delivery, etc. A level 3 seller is a ‘Top Rated Seller’. For arriving at this level, you will have to complete multiple orders, earn consistently good feedback from your clients, and be supported by the Fiverr team. A Top Rated Seller can demand additional charges, as far as $100/order, from her clients in return for extra services. Of course, it is something that will begin a good flow of money in your account.

The Final Word

Fiverr is an interesting option that can reward creativity on your part. While payments are only ‘5’ dollars, there is so much diversity on what you can offer for ‘5 dollars’ that you can make a decent part time…or even full time income. However, we do stress that this is not an easy make money scam where you are guaranteed to make lot of money. You have to come up with a good offering, put in the actual time and build your reputation up over time.

If you are willing to put in the work though, fiver is a good means of making a supplemental income as a single mom. At the very least, you should look into it. Fiverr is undoubtedly the place where you can grow without disturbing your present domestic situation. You will enjoy your journey here because it is not only very encouraging but also highly monetarily rewarding.