There are many ways that you can make money with websites, but there are many factors that need to be considered when creating a profit making website. Your website should have unique or original content. There are millions of websites that are recycling the same old content, even blogs that are easy to create are being re-used.

These sites have the same old content or are selling the same items. Your website should be unique with original content that attracts readers that drive the traffic up.  You should give the readers content that is useful to them, either by helping them to learn a certain lesson or direct them to the right information to buy something.  You should create a website that is based on your interests and experience because this is the area you know a lot about.

If you feel you’re not an expert in any field, the best thing for you to do, might be to start a personal blog where you can post anything about your life. Although, you should avoid areas that are highly competitive, and venture into a niche that has fewer websites.  When you have setup your website, advertise as much as possible by different means such as social media to drive traffic to your site.  With enough traffic, different ways of making money will be available for you.

The following are some of the ways to make money that you can use on your website.

1. By Cost-per-Click Ads

One way to make money from your websites is to display Ads on your site that pay you every time one of your visitors clicks on the Ad. It involves creating ad banners or in-text ads.  There are several online tools that have made the process smooth such as Google Adsense. Tools like Google Adsense, give you a percentage of the revenue made from each click, thus the more the traffic, the more the chances of earning more money. This method does sound good but, keep in mind you need to have hundreds of thousands of viewers and more and ones that will click on your sites ads to make decent money on your sites.

2. By Cost-per-Mille

Cost-per-mille is where you can get paid for every ad displayed on your website even when nobody clicks on it.  The requirements are stricter than Cost-per-Click, and you’re required to meet the minimum traffic with most companies requesting 100,000 or more visits to your website per month. When your website is accepted into this ad program, you will be receiving ads from all major advertisers. A focused niche website can earn you up to $10 CPM. You may use these tools for CPM

3. Cost Per Action

These ads will pay you a fixed dollar amount according to a certain action that is taken, such as submitting an email with a filled form. Companies pay you both affiliate commission and CPA.

The following are examples of the cost per action ad companies:

4. By affiliate marketing

Affiliate programs, also known as referral programs, are the most profitable form of advertising. It involves referring someone to a certain site with your specific link and when they buy something from the site, you get paid a commission. Getting approved for affiliate advertisement depends on the individual company requirement, with some even talking to you directly and looking for a highly professional website.

Your earnings are calculated as EPC (earnings per click) or can be earnings per 100 clicks. Well targeted and promoted offers can fetch you up to $1 per single visitor you direct.

On the following sites, you can get paid for each sale or lead you refer on a fixed fee or commission basis.

5. Sell ads at a fixed price

You can sell ads at a fixed price, and you can do this by renting out advertising space on your website on a weekly or a monthly fee. Your selling price will be determined by the amount of traffic and quality of the site. You’re able to sell directly or through an advertising company that charges you a large fee on each ad sale. Fixed price ads will help you earn money with less work compared to costs-per-clicks and costs-per-mille.

Companies that can offer you these fixed price ads services are listed below:

6. By using Pop-ups and pop-unders

Popups can help you make money on your website, although they can be annoying to many people and result in visitors leaving your website in a hurry. However, they can help you earn money when visitors enter or leave your website. Their earnings are low but with a lot of visitors you may end up making a good amount of money every month.

Some of the companies offering pop-up advertisement are:

7. Displaying Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is also known as advertorials, which give you a chance to add valuable content to your website, and earn you some money in the process. Advertisers post content related to your site, which shows their expertise and promote their brand.

There are rules that you must obey so that you don’t display paid links because they can cause you and your website problems. The sponsored content should be valuable to your audience. You should consider this method of advertising since most companies are easily invaded by link building. The rate for this is normally around $50 or more it really depends on the amount of traffic your site has.

8. Selling Related Posts

This is a relatively new way to make money with websites, where instead of linking to related posts on your post; you link to paid posts, which are usually based on CPC. You can use a plugin that combines your post with the related paid posts.

By placing the related post link at the bottom of each article, when readers get to the end of the article, they can use the links to read more about the topic. To qualify for selling related posts your website has to contain high-quality content with high levels of traffic.

Companies that you can help you with this form of advertisement are:

9. Using email advertisement

You can sell space in your popular newsletters that you send through the monthly emails connected to your site. The best way to do this is by promoting affiliate deals or charging a fixed fee. You will sell the ads directly to advertisers or use these companies for affiliate deals.

10. Selling text links

There is a huge marketplace for text links, and you should consider them for your website. Keep in mind that selling text links that don’t have the NO FOLLOW attribute, can land your website in trouble with google, so be careful here.

Here are some companies that offer paid text links.

11. Selling your website

After creating a popular website, you can always sell your website for a good sum of money. By doing this, you will be free of traffic worries and have time to embark on other projects that you now have the money to invest in, after you sell your site.

You should be aware of the following before selling your site, to maximize the selling price, you should know the right time to sell. The right time is when your income from the website has been on a stable level for at least a few consecutive months.

You can sell your website directly to a buyer or use an agency that charges you a commission for the sale, the commission is using high but keep in mind they do most of the work for you.

Even sites with no traffic can be bought at a cheap price as long as the niche and design are good.

12. Direct affiliate advertisement

Many companies are not listed on any ad network, and they offer their own affiliate programs. They are hard to find, but they can pay very well. Another good idea is to contact companies directly and agree on an affiliate program with them. These are examples of companies that run direct affiliates.

You should test what works best on your site and keep records of the most profitable strategy for your website. Start your website today and identify a good niche that will drive high traffic to your site.